Many have asked about our name.  It’s a good story that you’ll enjoy.

Once upon a time Shelly Glandon and Nancy Roth met at a Girl Scout Summer Camp in Colorado. The camp was on a lake with all the usual water activities — swimming, kayaking and canoeing. The swimming was an individual effort and the kayaks were one-person kayaks, but the canoes were two-person canoes. Shelly and Nancy hit it off immediately and teamed up for the first time in the canoes, which required real teamwork to hold their own against more experienced canoers — all while not capsizing. They worked hard to learn balance, control, synchronization and good communication. It paid off. When they hit their rhythm and worked as a team in their favorite canoe with blue gunwales, the other canoes didn’t come close to them in the races around the lake. When they teamed up again in business, they knew their name right away.