We believe that marketing and business development activities need to be driven by the goals our clients set for their company. When we look back on successful client projects they all have one thing in common – they start with a clear goal. Our job is to help our clients align their marketing activities with their goals and objectives, then execute.

Marketing Action Plans1. Assess & Recommend: Assess current situation and recommend action to meet objectives

First, we listen to you and your team to understand your goals and objectives as these set the direction and parameters for the project. We’ll assess your current efforts and existing marketing assets. Our clients are rarely starting from scratch, but prior activities may have gone off track or an existing promotion might need a refresh. We’ll want to find out what you have, how we can build on what’s working and drop what isn’t working.

Then we’ll recommend a set of actions that identify:

  • How these actions help us reach your goals
  • How these actions will be measured so you’ll understand effectiveness

2. Action Plan: Build the plan and calendar for execution

We’ll work with you to establish activities, budgets, ownership, deliverables and realistic due dates so the team knows what’s expected when and from whom. With regular progress review meetings, action items that get off track can be addressed sooner rather than later to keep the project on schedule.

3. Develop Assets: Re-tool existing and develop new assets

This is when we roll up our sleeves to develop new or refresh your marketing assets. Whether we are building a new website, redesigning sales collateral or executing a regular communication program, you’ll benefit from our experience and knowledge.

4. Execute & Evaluate: Build plan and calendar for execution

We’re committed to keeping the entire team on track. With effective planning and tracking tools you will get more accomplished and establish a baseline of activities that we can then evaluate. Every company wants to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. If we’re working with you on a ongoing project or campaign, we’ll want to check results against goal for continued improvement.

It’s our role to bring our ideas, experience, objectivity and critical thinking to deliver marketing that delivers results for you. With effective project management tools and evaluation we’ll keep you and your team going in the right direction. We’ll help you achieve more and better business opportunities with our marketing action plan.