Five years ago we launched Blue Canoe Marketing.  These first years have been rewarding on every level.  One of the rewards is to celebrate five years of success and thank our clients, colleagues, friends and supporters.

What drives us every day is the opportunity to use creative, yet practical, marketing to help our clients solve problems, remove obstacles and get more done. It gives us a sense of accomplishment to help our clients achieve their goals using the marketing action and business development plans we create and help execute.

On top of this, we get to feed our curious minds learning about all the cool things our clients do and make. The best part about taking on a new client is the discovery process.  We love to learn about interesting technologies, the science behind how stuff works and how it impacts our world.

Success has allowed us to give back. We’re proud to donate to Doctors Without Borders, International Red Cross, Literacy Connects, Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona, and the Tucson scholarship program for the Society of Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration. These organizations improve lives in our community and save lives worldwide.

We’ve appreciated getting to know you and your business. Thank you for your business over the past five years!